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Full Version: Transporting lif (lex) files from PC to hp71b
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Hi All,
I own a hp71b, different ROM modules and a HP-il/RS232 interface.
For using these ROMs under EMU71 (great simulator!) I want to copy them to the PC. Since some of the ROMs are protected I need a special PEEK$ instruction which can be found e. g. in CHHU5 desal.l71. I tried different ways to transport this lif to the HP:
1. Using the approch given in EMU71 simulator with serial1.
2. Using a simple binary dump on RS232.
Nothing succeeds. Any ideas?

I would suggest this way: copy "desal.l71" to "emu_in.dat" in current emu71's directory, then do "COPY :DOSLINK" in Emu71. You should now have the DESAL LEX in Emu71. Check if it works correctly.

Then, use the HPIL/RS232 interface and a correct cable to connect the interface to your PC and do the right interface setup (check cable and interface setup on emu71 site). Test it by doing: "INPUT :RS232;A$" on the HP-71B and "OUTPUT :SERIAL1;'ABC'" on Emu71 (in this order), and check A$.
If it works, try to transfer the LEX: "COPY :RS232" on HP71B side, and "COPY DESAL to :SERIAL1" on Emu71 side.

Emu71's serial support works well to download data from Emu71 to the HP-71, it may not always be reliable in the other way, although it usually works for small files. Let us know if you succeed to upload your ROM images.


Hello J-F,

I tried DOSLINK. It did not work for me. After that I attached the CHHU5 lif file to the HDRIVE1. Now I had the desal.lex in the EMU71.
Tried your suggestion but there was no possibility to communicate from PC to HP71. Even the copy on both machines won't run.

After this I tried a different way. I entered your ROM extraction program and managed to get the OS from the 71 (1BBBB) to the PC using a terminal program.

So the direction from HP71 seems to be ok.

After searching I found the desal.lex file as a dump for makelex. Typed it in and started to gather all ROMs I have. Now the job is almost done. Only for my HP-il module (VER 1a) I have not found the base address. Is there a trick?

Despite the success I am still interested in bidirectional communication between HP71 and PC. I use Vista, HP82164A compatible CMT interface with 256KB RAM-Disk. The manual says that it is fully compatible to the HP part. As a terminal I use a demonstration licen se of ZOC (Does anybody now a open source terminal for vista?).