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Full Version: What have the 35 sales been like? multiple choice
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While I don't expect a definitive answer to the question, does anyone know if the 35S has been:
a) well received?
b) received?
c) poorly received?
d) none of the above.

The reason I ask is that HP has undertaken the creation of the 35S with some risk. It is reasonable (though not preferable) that they could have stayed the safe path with the el cheapos, and never created this new calc. Perhaps this was done to "test the waters" with an eye towards those who value quality over price. I would hope that more than just those of us (whom I have heard derided as "fanboiz") would form their customer base for this newer calc.

However, if we expect, hope, pray and wish for a newly designed calculator is it not reasonable for HP to look at 35S sales as a benchmark? Perhaps the company is so unhappy with the sales that we will never see another new HP of the quality of manufacture that the 35 is. I dislike the programming paradigm, but that is another issue.

I hope the 35S is selling well, and continues to do so. Because only if it sells really well do we have a hope of ever seeing the gorgeous 45S that Gene and Jake drew up. HP should definitely hire them for future designs!

I've been told that 35s sales have been quite good, but I'm afraid I don't know the hard numbers. I'm sure those are HP confidential.

I'm curious when we'll start seeing the 35s in retail channels. I haven't seen any at Fry's Electronics (a local chain that carries HP scientifics). They always seem to have a stock of 50g's and 33s's though.

And for that matter, I wonder when the 33s will be discontinued. I presume HP will have to wait until the 35s is certified for the NCEES exam, but I don't know how often NCEES updates their calculator policy.

As soon as the 35s is certified for NCEES, I can't imagine that HP will keep both of them on the market. They're much too similar.

EDIT I answered my own question, nevermind. From the NCEES website: "Each year, NCEES will review and revise the approved calculator list and then announce the updated list by November 15."

Edited: 11 Oct 2007, 5:21 p.m.

By now, I would prefer the 33s over the 35s as a 32SII replacement in mission critical applications. Of course, I still have (1) a slide rule and (2) my 32SII, so everything else can serve as toy :-).

You know, that begs an interesting question. Does that agency review the bugs of a particular unit before considering suitability? The 33s had some bugs, but I don't believe it had as many as the 35s. Still, it was considered a viable candidate, even slightly before the Rev 2 33s came out. I'm wondering if the NCEES folks will review the 35s, consider open bugs/issues, and rule based on that.

For that matter, how many of the bugs would apply (or affect) someone taking those tests?

(I don't know any of the answers; I'm just asking from a curiosity point of view...)


Currently, there is little to no awareness of the 35S among NCEES examinees. It's still all about the 33S. This will likely change in November, when NCEES announces the approved 2008 list. I would expect the 33S to remain on the list of approved calculators for 2008, even if it is discontinued by HP, and I would expect the 35S to be added. The sales of the 35S will jump when this happens.

If you check the amazon.com pages for the two models, the 33S page is full of links to FE or PE exam review manuals. But there is not a single such link on the 35S page (yet).

I don't think NCEES does any rigorous screening for bugs on the approved calculator list. Nor do I think that the existing bugs would be likely to affect anyone on the FE or PE exams.

I used a 33S with buggy rectangular-polar conversions. I doubt it would have affected me on the exam, but I programmed alternative functions to use instead of the built-in ones.

Edited: 12 Oct 2007, 6:25 p.m.