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Full Version: Two new articles in next Datafile issue
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Hi, all:

    The very next V26N5 September/October 2007 Datafile issue, due within a week or so, will feature two new articles o'mine, this time wholly centered on the brand-new HP 35s calculator, namely

    • "Boldly Going ... - Going Back to the Roots" (7-page article)

    • "HP35s - Storing Lotsa Lotsa Numbers" (4-page article).

    Both include programs specially created for each article.

    Circumstances permitting (AGM and such), the next issue after that (V26N6 November/December 2007) will further include two new articles with a cherry on top, belonging to the "Boldly Going ..." and "Long Live !" series, respectively, the cherry beeing a short 3-page article, "Time Voyager Revisited"

    If you're interested in HP 35s' advanced programming techniques, state-of-the-art numerical algorithms and their implementation in HP models, as well as some fun ramblings and elucubrations, you might consider making the necessary arrangements in advance in order to get your own copies as soon as they're released.

Best regards from V.

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Edited: 9 Oct 2007, 7:55 a.m.

hi valentin,

thanks for the info. i shall certainly read them with interest.

incidentally, your mention of "elucubrations" reminded me of the chapter on Karl Weierstrass in calculus gems by george f.simmons. if anyone doesn't know what im talking about or hasn't read it. it's a ripping read for anyone whose interested in anything. not heavy on theory and excellently written.

Hi, Hugh:

Hugh posted:

"thanks for the info. i shall certainly read them with interest."

    Thanks to you for your kind support, I sincerely hope you'll like them and even find both the techniques and resulting programs useful for your own work or personal enjoyment.

"[...] reminded me of the chapter on Karl Weierstrass in calculus gems by george f.simmons."

    I'll get it at once, thanks for your recommendation.

    The latest math book I'm currently re-reading is Klein's awesome "Lectures on the Icosahedron" but I'm afraid it's a little bit too technical and specialized for general recommendation.

Best regards from V.

Hooray! The last three Datafiles have not been worth
opening with no contributions from VA. Now there is
something good to look forward to again. Datafile should
be renamed VAfile.

Good news! I shall be watching the letterbox! Just hope the post strike here (UK) doesn't delay receipt.

Hi, james:

    Thanks for your interest. I'm also suffering the UK post strike a bit as some materials I asked for can't be sent right now because of it, but fear not, I'm told it won't last.

    Also, you'd probably be interested to know that I'm almost finished convincing a best friend of mine (who also happens to be an HPCC member and who on top of that owns an HP35s) to also write down a couple of HP35s-related high-quality articles for the November-December 2007 Datafile issue, so you're up for even more HP calc fun next Xmas.

Best regards from V.

Hi, P.Hart:

    Really LOL, and as we say here: "ยก Toma lo que quieras, yo invito !" (i.e.: "Help yourself to a drink, my treat !" )

    You know what ? Comments like yours are what it takes to get this guy to keep on writing articles for free at 5:00 AM to try and get them in the hands of the Editor before the inexorable issue deadline is past due, so that interested people would be able to find them there. Money wouldn't do.

    In return I'll dedicate my very next "Long Live ..." article to you, kind reader, your enthusiastic comment's been the only thing that made me laugh today, at 2:40 AM local time. That's quite an accomplishment, believe me.

Thanks for your kind support and best regards from V.

*searches member list for p.hart*

scratches head

*wanders off mumbling to himself*

Glad to have given you some encouragement.

an admiring P.Hart