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Full Version: HHC2007 & HP Xpander
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First of all I like to say thank you to the great HP calculator community! I was a little scared before the trip to San Diego - imagine ONE Texas Instruments collector and SIXTY-EIGHT Hewlett Packard fans. But the wonderful event demonstrated easily:

The fans of the HP 35 are like their calculator: Simply perfect!

Thinking about the TI-Nspire on the nice calendar side-by-side with the Casio Classpad 300 and the Xpander prototype convinced me, that I should add them to my Datamath Calculator Museum (www.datamath.org).

I know that there are some Xpander's out. Is there a collector willing to borrow me his working or non-working unit for a week or so? Please remember that I line in the meantime in Rochester, NY.

Thanks in advance for your help.



It was a great pleasure to have you among friends. We all share the love of calculators from simple to advanced.

It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person, since I visit your web site often to check out technical details about different TI calculators. Also not to mention the wonderful eBay auctions you put, presenting a wide variety of very interesting calculators.

I hope you also won some interesting door prizes.

I can speak for many attendees and say you are most welcome to attend future HHC conferences.


PS: Two years ago I gave a talk about comparing the SOLVER function in various HP calculators, we as well the TI-200. The comparison was very interesting and offered a challange for HP to update its SOLVER algorithms.

I am so very glad you came to HHC 2007! It was a great pleasure to be there among so many other calculator enthusiasts.

Although we HP users often poke fun at TI in a light-hearted way, in reality I suspect that all of us appreciate a good calculator when we see one, no matter who has made it. :)

Namir, is that comparison of solver's online somewhere? I'd be interested in reading that...



You can downolad the presentation from my web site.. It is the first link.