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Full Version: TI in the news in Washington, DC - But what about the HP35?
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I live in the Washington, DC metro area and have been hearing a lot about TI calculators lately with their donations to the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History:


Even on local TV there has been some coverage of this event, with reference to TI making the first portable electronic slide rule (although we would like to think that honor goes to the HP35).

Ironic considering this should be the year of the 35!

I agree, they are getting it wrong. I didn't retire my slide rule (Pickett N-500-ES) until the HP35 was in my hands. There was no other replacement for the sliderule. I was there, it was not a TI, if TI had introduced one I would have spent my $395+ on a TI.


I wonder if there would be enough folks in the northeast (Wash. D.C.) area to have our own small east coast gathering of hp fanatics?? I myself am near Dulles airport (IAD). At least one or two other regulars are with 2 hours driving distance. I think it would be very interesting to exchange tips and programs.

I wanted very badly to attend either the HHC or the London meeting, but my daughter was just born last weekend.. the wife barely endures the calculator addiction as it is, but I'd be treading thin ice if I left just after a newborn!!