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Full Version: I think zero also is a number to remember...
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Found errors in my hp-35s programs due to the stupid way memory is managed on it, yea, yea, it's my fault, but still:

While not a bug I think the 35s indirect register handling is pretty ..... stupid ....

Say you want to store N numbers in register 0...N-1, god forbid some or your last numbers happens to be 0 (a perfectly okey number) AND register N,... happens not to be allocated. You get an INVALID when trying to learn that number N-1 was 0!

What you must do is to allocate your N registers by putting a 'watermark' non zero in register N.

I do not mind allocating and deallocating memory, but this reality of hp-35s is: a) implication not well documented, b) error prone. What I think should been here is commands to allocate registers and free registers!

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I agree to a point.

It IS right now making it hard for me to complete a program to pick the mode out of a set of numbers (I'll, of course, keep working on it), but one also has to switch values in and out of the I or J registers, after initializing a block of memory registers with that first value.

Perhaps I am not making efficient enough use of the registers at hand, but it does seem as if I never have enough registers.