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Full Version: Solver tutorial for HP50G
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I had just received my HP50G. I am impressed with the keyboard (to me, feels better that the HP35S), battery compartment closing, is another story :(
I am interested in developing a solution using the solver (determine the safety stock leval based on fill rate given), are there a good tutorial of how to use the solver? (the small document, titled user book ,it is really that, a small book)



Hi Miguel
Chapter 6 in the user's guide (the CD that came with your 50G) covers the topic. One of the "quick and easy" solve functions I like to use is to put the equation in stack level 1, then key the variable to be solved for into the command line (no need to enter it, but it won't hurt if you do), then, from the S.SLV menu (white shifted 7 key), hit the solve label on the far right. This will yield a numeric or symbolic result, depending on the equation. Note that the variables in your equation don't have to exist as variables in the calculator...in which case the solution will be symbolic. If you do have the variables in your equation as variables in the calculator with values in them, you will get a symbolic solution initially, but hitting the "EVAL" key will evaluate to a numeric answer. One caveat to this...just be sure the variable you're solving for (the one you key into the command line) doesn't exist in the current directory.
One more thing...be sure you have the stack display set to textbook (mode key, DISP softkey, Stack: textbook checked), and you can build your equation right on the stack, using RPN keystrokes. Much better, IMHO, than using dreaded algebraic keystrokes in the equation writer.
Best regards, Hal


The above is a link to a series of tutorials for the HP-50G. Start with these. They include some good examples for using the Solver. You should also refer to the Advanced User's Manual and other more helpful documents than the small book you received. You can download some good reference documents from the HP website for the 49G+ and 50G. Also, buy the DVD from this site with all older manuals included.

Good luck!

Jeff Kearns

Thanks for the info, I will look for those manuals,