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Full Version: hrasts emulators (specifically the 71)
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I just recently found hrast's emulators. I know, shame on me for not knowing about them before... Anyhow, I've played with the free 41e emulator for the 50g and I'm quite impressed!

I'm wondering what y'all think of the other emulators? I would be interested in buying a couple, but EUR$60 (or EUR$100 for two) is still quite a penny in the USA (about $138, I believe). Are they worth the price? I'm looking for some honest opinions and reviews. In particular, what you think of the full-blown 41 emulation (with PPC ROM and packs) and the 71 emulation.



I have the Voyager Series emulators (HP11C, 15C and 16C) and the HP41CV. They run in the HP49G (blue, first model). I'd borrow your 'impressive' to describe them, cannot think of a better word. They definitely worth the bux.

In time: I bought a second HP49G just for this purpose: running Hrast´s emulators. I'd tell it's been worth having an HP49G just for the task.

I consider Hrasts emulators a gem, so maybe I'm suspicious. I once needed to review some old calculations performed with math routines originally written for the HP41 and I did not have the MATH ROM for the HP41. I ran them in the HP49G with the emulators. Spot on!


Luiz (Brazil)

Tell him how you helped debug the MLDL2K and HEPAX deal using HP41X, Luiz. Now that's accurate emulation!

I love Hrast's emulators too. I have HP41X, HP71X and HP42X. They all rock. HP71X is the only 71B emulator that will do graphics, so it's the only one that will run my YATZ71 program. I think the keyboard mapping is a bit of a stretch for that emulator in particular, though. The calculator emulators are better in this regard, since there's no expectation that there will be a QWERTY keyboard.

They are a bit pricey, particularly with the dollar crashing like it is. But if you are a HP calculator enthusiast, I'd say they are pretty much a must-have.


Hi, Howard;

This thread is actually something to remember... oh, boy! So many brains working together! Good days, indeed.

Thanks to remind us about it. And Hrast´s emulator made the difference.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Thanks for the recommendations, guys. Still enough of a price to make me pause, but I'll put it on my Christmas wish list. ;-)