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Full Version: HP-92: How rare is it, really?
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Hello all:

I put an ad in the MoHPC Classifieds saying that I would like to buy or trade for an HP-92. I didn't get a single response. I've also been watching HP calc.s on eBay---almost continuously---since eBay started. I don't remember seeing an HP-92 auction.

The MoHPC Prices_&_Rarity section calls the 92 "difficult"---the same as the 65. But I see 65s for auction all the time! Is the 92 really much more rare?

Just wondering...

Thanks in advance for the replies,


No, the HP-92 isn't rare at all in the sense that few
were produced or sold, far from it, it was very popular
among business users.

And that's the reason why you got no answers, nor
are any offered at eBay: business users still do use them,
look for spares like mad, and won't ever get rid of
theirs, no matter how much could you reasonably offer.

So you see, it's hard for a collector or a would-be user
to get one because all people fortunate enough to
own one stick to them nearly for life.

On average an HP91 shows up un EBay every couple of months. Figure an HP92 might be twice as rare at most. One was offered on the classifieds here a few weeks back (really nice) I think it brought around $350 bucks. Seek and ye shall find (eventually).

Hi Bruce,

FWIW, I've documented Ebay sales for about the last 3.5 years. Over that time, I've seen 13 HP92's sell at auction. At a low price of $128, and a high price of $810.

Wow. Thanks for the information. Over the majority of the time I've been looking at HP calculators on eBay, it has been for other classic models. I guess I just managed to overlook all those 92 auctions!



its off-topic but is it possible to share your knowledge about these ebay-statistics ?

Best regard


Sure. what do you need to know?