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Full Version: 35S Cosmetic Issue
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Was there ever a concensus on what the "cosmetic" issue was with the 35S? Was it screen alignment, a misprinted keyboard, or what? Surely there is someone here with connections at HP who could let us in on the secret, now that the crisis has passed. Or did I miss the big announcement?

There was no issue.

HP thought there may have been a problem, so they checked into it, and there ended up being nothing wrong. That's why I never ran out of inventory of the 35s. It's nice to see they are definitely caring about quality.

So, the problem with misaligned LCDs were solved silently? All calculators concerned were already sold at the point HP looked into it?

Was there ever a concensus on what the "cosmetic" issue was with the 35S?

I thought it might have been tool marks on the mold. I bought three calcs and each has a couple of identical small marks in the same place. (The marks are in line with the center of the top row of keys, on the top of the side outer lip/edge.)

Well, I still believe that the problem is this one. HP Canada offered me to replace the unit. I will wait and see.

Eric, did you get this information directly from an HP official source?