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Full Version: HP35s included in the Spanish web of hp
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Finally we can see in the official Spanish web of hp the HP35s. But at the moment without price.


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Hey, your post got me to check hp-norway pages, and yes its here to now! No price info, but they do not have that on such items here...

Edited: 6 Sept 2007, 8:10 a.m.



In the Spanish web you can see the prices for the purchase on-line.
Check the link to the HP50G ....


He, he, I can see where this is going... One could ofcourse scan all the 'missing' countries hp sites, BUT I think the natives should be doing the honour!

Edited: 6 Sept 2007, 8:32 a.m.

As I said in this forum post, Pont Reyes Informatica (an HP partner) is selling the 35s for €73,08 (including VAT). And it comes boxed (not in a blister pack) with manuals in Spanish and Portuguese.

Thats the way a HP calculator should be sold, in a box! Guess thats rare... hp35s boxes may sell for $$$ on e-bay 20 years from now...

Not on the Canadian site as of now.