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Full Version: AURORA FN1000 (HP 12c clone)
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eBay link

Interesting starting bid (only ships to US, though).

Why is the starting bid "interesting"?

It is low, imho.

There are two ways you should start an ebay auction:

1) If you just want to get rid of something, start at $0.99 or thereabouts. If it has any worth to somebody else, the price will rise rapidly (especially as you get to the end). Otherwise, you'll get rid of it for 99 cents (plus shipping).

2) If your item has some value (intrinsic, or maybe just something special to you), start it at the minimum you are willing to accept. It may or may not sell, but you won't feel that you lost money on it.

Seems to me that $2.99 is reasonable under either condition for this one!