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Full Version: New HP calculator videos online
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HP has made available several new videos for how to use their calculators.

Videos include:

Introduction to Finance

Power of the graphing series (39g+ and 39gs, 49g+ and 50g)

Pre-calculus using the HP 39g+ (and 39gs)

Pre-algebra and Algebra I using the HP 39g+ (and 39gs)


Calculus using the HP 49g+ (and 50g)

Video link

I just checked out the calculus one, and I'm impressed. Very nice! Keep up the good work, HP!


Hi Gene,

in one video there is a typo:

Calculate the numerical integral of TAN (X/2) from 0 to Pi/6 in radian mode.....

Answer c) is wrong! Its a typo. It must be 0.06933.. (not 0.09633..)

I checked it with my 48GX. You know, the old fashioned reliable stuff ;-)

// Frank

Which video is that one in?

I'll pass the typo along...


Power of the Graphing Series

Slide 13

Greetings from Sweden // Frank

Hi Gene.

Thank you for the link, both for the videos themselves and for the possibility of looking at a picture of yours ;-)

In fact, I was thinking that having hang out at the forum since some time now, I've become familiar with many names,

but most of them are associated to a picture I've made into my mind.
Sometimes it's interesting to get to see if the real looking fits the envisioned one(s)

Now, back to the serious things ;-)...

Is there any way to download those videos and store them locally for future use?

Thank you.

Best regards.


Great idea! I like the training videos. The audio is a little undersampled, even for the readers low-pitched voice.

Of note: there is an audio error at the end of the 12c platinum cost estimation video. (may be at the end of the other cost estimation videos, too, not sure.)

In the final example:125,000 can produce how many chairs?

The reader states: "...the total costs would be 5755 dollars."

Should read "Estimated production from a cost of $125,000 is estimated to be 5755 chairs."

Keep up the great work!, Allen