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Full Version: Classic Calculators in the UK?
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Just found this site by accident, while I was looking for a very specific HP part. Never heard of them before. I see they are selling the HP-35s over in the UK too. Does anyone know anything about them, or has anyone purchased anything from them before?

Classic Calculators



I'm in California and have never ordered from Classic Calculators. However, several years ago they ran a contest through their website. The top prize was a BNIB HP-41CX, one out of a bunch they had found in a warehouse. I ended up winning the third prize, which was an HP-10B. It arrived in less than a week, which is better service than some U.S. vendors I have dealt with.


I have used Classic Calculators to buy a number of HP calculators and have found them to be a very helpful and reliable company to deal with. They provide a good fast service and if you are a UK resident they can deliver next day if the item is in stock. They even have free delivery on the HP35S for UK on-line orders.

Chris Dean (no association with the company Classic Calculators)