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Full Version: HP cancelling #82240B printer, what does double-width enter key 17bii+ print to?
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The picture that was posted about a week ago of the yet to be released 17bii++ has prt and printer as keys on the keyboard but HP is discontinuing the #82240B. Anyone know anything else this maybe able to print to?

I thought I see printer that not HP model that it can print to on ebay once. I forget who make it, but I would think HP would still offer some printer. Maybe new model.

One other thing, I sorry I not research this first, but I know HP make IR port for laser jet printers. Can calculator print to these? I have HP IR thingy for my printer and that would be nice with 48gx.

**EDIT** Okay, I find link to compatible printer here

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Perhaps there is a new I/R printer in the works?


I guess as I follow on I would then ask how does HP test there new models of calculators? If this model is so near to being released that a retail store had a picture you would think someone has handled one specifically the printing.

A picture of the 35s appeared three months before the calculator was available. I don't know if that time line will apply to the new 17bii+. If so, it begs the question: if there is a new printer in the works, where are the pictures of it?

On the other hand, perhaps the calculator has USB host capability, and can therefore use any USB printer. Or maybe it's standard USB, but you can print through a PC host application.

Wild speculation is my specialty. 8)


May be an IR to USB to print on any HP PCL printer?

I talk to co-worker yesterday, and he tell me that he was able to get HP calculator with IR port to print to HP Laserjet printer with FIR port on it. He said he had to do something with calculator to get it to work, and he was not sure off top of his head. If this true, I think it wonderful.

I wonder how this would handle trace printing though.

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**EDIT** Okay, I find link to compatible printer here

That's a Martel Instruments printer. For some other models that should be compatible, see http://www.martelinstruments.com/.

Also see http://groups.google.com/group/comp.sys.hp48/browse_frm/thread/85808516a658eba5/, starting with post 17, about Hydrix's H120 printer.


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