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Full Version: OT: Card Reader Repairs for TI-59
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Sorry if this post offends. I am looking to find a source of repairs for a TI-59 card reader, similar to the wonderful folks at Fix That Calc, but for a TI-59 (and even better if they also could handle an SR-52. Does anybody know of such a source?


I have not purchased this kit and have no knowledge of the seller, good or bad!

But, take a look here:

ebay ti-59 card reader repair kit


Thanks for the link, but the parts are not the issue, it is eyesight and dexterity. My eyes are pretty bad (severe astigmatism, so severe that I have to wear hard contacts as glasses will not provide the correct amount of correction), and my dexterity is not great either, but I can solder real well. This is why I would prefer to find somebody that provides a Fix That Calc type repair service for the older TI units. Appreciate your efforts, though; thank you.