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Full Version: A couple of thoughts from the new 35s' bonus video
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Hi all.

I have just received my brand new 35s from Samson (all went well after some initial concerns and with some patience on my side :-)

I was just watching the bonus video that comes with the calculator (nothing more than the video we already could download
from HP site some weeks ago, recorded on a DVD) when I noticed a couple of things I'd like to share with you and have your thoughts about:

1 - one of the testimonials is Mark Olsen (Director, Program Management, frog design).

I thought they could have contributed to the design choices of the new calc, so I went to their website (http://www.frogdesign.com/)

but I could not definitely find any reference either to HP as a customer of theirs or to their participation to the celebrating video....
Kinda strange or am I that "conspiracy-biased" ;-) ?

2 - in a brief section of the video, a guy using a 3-D drawing software is showed; he's rotating what seems to be sort of "clamshell" device -
please see these pictures:

Frame #1
Frame #2
Frame #3
Frame #4

Do you think it's one of those "fake performances" usually made when an institutional video is being shot or is it a clue to anything ?

Thank you in advance for your enduring patience with my "Sherlock Holmes' rants" ;-) and for any feedbacks.

Best regards.


Buona sera, Giancarlo,

my answers to your questions are:

1 - I know companies which do not want to be mentioned as a reference on a website. Maybe applies here, too. The bonus video is shipped to customers only (well, not really, because it was published here, but perhaps the marketing guys thought it for a somewhat limited audience?).

2 - Probability is almost 100% that's a dummy model.


#1 Frog lists HP on their clients page. That page isn't complete though. I can think of two companies they've worked for that aren't listed there.

#2 I made a similar comment before they filmed it and based on their reactions, I couldn't tell whether they were thinking "Uh oh!" or "Hah! They're all going to be fooled!" ;-)

Hi Dave.

#1 Frog lists HP on their clients page

You're right, and even twice:

HP Strategic Design Relationship (Consumer Software category)

HP Halo Video Conferencing User Interface (Communications category)

Do anyone of those two refers to the HP video?
Thanks for pointing that out.

Best regards.