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Full Version: 50g keyboard oddity
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Probably is a well known behaviour but i've notice a couple of things about the "improved" 50g's keyboard:

1. Very easy to slowly depress a key and miss the register.
2. While the key is down, if you keep pressing it you get multiple registers.

Saddly enough I've been testing this in all the rest Hp's and any of them behaives in that way. Even that blue thing can do it better, and the bloody 33s much better!

Probably is a boring question..but any theories ?


I don't have my HP-50g here at work to try it out, but I don't ever remember having this problem. The default KEYTIME value is pretty high, and I've always set it lower (about 2000), so that might help.

Honestly, sounds like maybe you just got a bad unit.

I'll try mine when I get home tonight.


You are absolutely right. Mine does the same. And my backspace key feels dull and needs a little extra push.

If I have it sitting flat on a desk, I get reliable results. If I'm holding it in my hand, I need to be mindful and check my entries often,

Very respectfully,


I have my keytime set at 500 and haven't had a problem in using the 50g normally.

What is your current KEYTIME? Try setting it to 512 TICKS or 1/16th of a second and see if you still have the problem. If you need help for KEYTIME, let us know.

2000? That is very high. If i remember right the default is like 1260 or something.

I have hundred of people using my surveying device which sets it to 360 (convenient built in sysRPL number) and nobody's ever complained.


Hey Tim --

Yeah, I think you're right. It sounded right when I didn't have it at hand, but I could be wrong. I'll check in a bit.


Okay, my KEYTIME is 400. Shows you what I remember. ;-)

Interestingly enough, I don't see the problems you mentioned. If I go as slow as I can, I still get the key pressed. Granted, in a couple of the cases, it seemed like there was a bit of a delay, but it showed up nonetheless. I tried number keys and function keys.

Which key(s) did you get this behavior on? And exactly how slow WERE you pushing it? ;-)

Also, I didn't get the multiple keypress problem either...


My Keytime is 250, but I think this has nothing to do with the problem. When I say I can get multiple registers I mean that leaving the key down and pressing it harder and without releasing it pressing harder again you can get the many registers you want.
That does'nt happen in any other hp's I've test.

And what I want to mean when I say slow is when trying to feel when the dome is down very carefully, apparently in some cases the dome or something else need an extra pressure to reach the "contact", you know what I mean.

I've been using the unit for a while and in normal use the keyboard is relaible and it does'nt miss any keystroke, but I find the mentioned behaivour a bit odd.

Best regards.