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Full Version: HP-41C Handbook
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I just found the following links (by accident):



Wow! Really impressive work ...

Wow! Really impressive work ...

I'll say! Those aren't scanned pages, but styled HTML that looks very, very close to the original.

I wonder they would mind me (or the museum) mirroring those pages?


That must have been done with an automated system, quite impressive.

I'd love to know what software was used. Extensive use of HTML frames but there is a fair amount of CSS used as well - all in all, a very curious mix.

Edit add PS: Even the HP red grid logo is done with a table instead of an image. It was out of proportion so I started looking. Perhaps is was a manual effort after all. The date shown in the page headers is 2004/2005.

Edited: 14 Aug 2007, 10:34 a.m.

If you back up to the top of the site, you'll find a change log for the manuals. It all sounds like a by-hand coding effort, and quite painstaking too. What people won't do for the love of these old machines!


It's a great page!!!

Impressive, indeed. I was tempted at one point to give the HP-42S manual the same treatment, but as long as HP don't release those manuals into the public domain, there's the risk that such a project would never reach its intended audience. I notice that the word "permission" is conspicuously absent from Mr. Groenendijk's site.

- Thomas

I actually found this site a year ago - I exchanged an e-mail or two with the person that created the documents - a very friendly guy. He was of the opinion that the fair use laws of the country that he resided in allowed the creation of these documents - but he would not release the documents in a way that could be easily downloaded for fear of violating the copyright laws of other countries.

I offer no opinion on any of the above as IANAL. ;-)

They are beautiful manuals though aren't they.

Any if you want to read them "offline" there are these things called "spiders" ;-)

... or simply wget :)