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Full Version: HP-15C "ERROR 9"
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When i perform the calculator's selftest (on/X) It displays "ERROR 9" . Then i press a key, and than, everytime, it display's "3" . I know that ERROR 9 means that the calculator needs srevice. But what does the "3" means? I can't find anything wrong with the calculator. It performs all calculations, and holds memory and programms. Does an "Error 9" statement not necceseraly means that ther is something seriously wrong with the machine. Can i still trust the outcome of all calculations?




there is a remark in the manual that mentions if you need to keep using your calculator you should clear all memory as described. Well, if you have checked for results and there is nothing wrong, go for it.

I have a 15C that lits with some segments and keeps stuck. It's dead. I wish it could give me a Error 9 ... (sob!)


My 15C is alive and wants to marry with your manual;)

Please let me know if we can trade it. The original manual

Preciso do seu manual viúvo
Vê lá brother, vê se vale a pena OK?

Marx Pio

Re your dead 15C. I've had a bit of trouble in Voyagers with bad solder connections between the chips and the PCB. This can cause various problems from missing display segments, to missing rows or columns of the keyboard, to complete non-operation.
If you've got experience in SMD rework, and have a fine-tipped soldering iron and thin solder, you might try resoldering the chips.

Hello, Tony;

I've done many things (including SMD soldering) but I believe I need a new flex circuit or a complete MBoard to try the IC's in the machine (Yes, mine is one of the oldest models, with the flex). I believe they are fine, but I am aware of removing the IC's to verify if there is something wrong bellow them (battery leakage). If I have to, I would like trying with a new surface for placing them. You have once post a handfull help like this one for a previous question of mine about this same calc, so, thanks again.

I own only two 15C's manuals: HP15C Owners' Handbook and Manual do Proprietário da HP15C; I gracefully will take a photocopy for you of any or both, but I do not intend to sale them. Sorry.

(Só deixo sempre em Inglês porque o site é deles, né? Abração)