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Full Version: hp 49g+ and hp 38G talking
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I recently came across a hp 38G and I wonder whether it and my hp 49g+ they can share documents through the SEND and RECV commands.

I tried without success, but there's a chance I didn't manage things correctly.

Any help?

-- Antonio

As a side note: I'm back! :-)

To my knowledge, the 38g and 49g can't talk directly to eachother, at least not without some SysRPL programming. I once had the idea to make my 50g and 39g/40g(s) talk to eachother for the exchange of lists or matrices.

IIRC, the only success I had was to send something from the 40gs that arrived as a binary string on the 50g, using XModem or Kermit. So you definitely need some glue logic in SysRPL to let either side recognize the other sides data formats.

With help of a PC and some manual cut&paste, you may have more success.


Edited: 10 Aug 2007, 9:47 a.m.