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Full Version: Charge Batteries with USB cable safe?
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If you plug the USB cable to the computer, does it charge your batteries or just your calculator? Is it safe to do this or do you recommend only switching the batteries?

Also, people've been telling me that the Batstatus doesn't work properly on the hp 50g. Why does it not function properly and is it still helpful to downoad?

Are these codes there to fix the problem?: http://groups.google.com/group/comp.sys.hp48/browse_thread/thread/453d77ac9ecbf7e1/7e4a078619e44ad9?lnk=st&q=BatStatus+group%3Acomp.sys.hp48&rnum=8#7e4a078619e44ad9

How are you suppose to use the codes on your calc? Sorry that I'm a newbie on these things but there must always be a beginning. =/

Also, what's up with people saying that replacing batteries when the low battery indicator comes on will reduce your calculator's battery life? Is this true? When should I replace my batteries then? when the calculator is completely dead? Will that erase my calc's memory in any way? Thanks in adv.

Batstatus will not work on a 50G because it is designed for a 3 battery calculator so it will return a wrong result with 4 batteries, as the voltage of rechargeables is lower, it does not work very well with those either: it gives me 54% with newly recharged batteires. The code you pointed to will work on the 50G but you need to know how to do sysRPL to compile it. If you look you will find instructions.

Unfortunately it is not possible to recharge batteries through the USB. This is to protect against chargeing non rechargeable batteries.

Lastly some batteries have memory and dischargeing them partially all the time will reduce their usefulness. This is less true with the most modern batteries.

I hope this helps.


Does the 50G really eat batteries? I would never think of using rechargable in my 48SX and GX as the alkaline last a very long time. How long the alkaline batteries last in the 50G. I am thinking of buying one but if the battery life is short then it's not so good.
Battery life in HP calc was short with the red LED models. But then the HP41 came and after that it never made sense to use rechargable in any of the newer HP calcs. May be with the 50G, battery issue is back?

Hi Chan.

I had already thought to contribute with my two cents about the subject, and your post gave the last kick ;-)

My experience with 50G's batteries says: bought the calc on 2008, Aug 31st,

changed its alkalines just yesterday!!!

OK, I'm not a very heavy user, not fiddling on the calc each and every day

(you know, the emulator is soooo comfortable to play and mess around with ;-)

but one year of battery life is one year ! :-)

Hope this helps.

Best regards.



I've always known, that Italy would lead the EU towards a brighter future ;-))

My experience with 50G's batteries says: bought the calc on 2008, Aug 31st,

Best regards,

Peter A. Gebhardt

Hi Peter.

I just came back from the future and I did not update my date and time ;-)

Of course, that should read "2006"...

Thanks a lot for pointing that out.

Best regards.