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Full Version: 10C puzzle
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My 10C worked as usual yesterday. This morning it was dead. I pushed every key to no avail. Moved the batteries around. No. Then I put in new batteries. Still dead. I put in the old batteries, no response, and put it aside. Later in the day I tried it again. Wow! To my delight, it was alive!
What likely was the cause of this? What happened?
(BTW The batteries are the original ones, and the compartment and contacts are very clean.)

Were you in very cold environment yesterday?

Assuming you didn't get it cold, it just got into an invalid state. Removing the batteries for a few hours cleared the memory completely. I see this all the time with laptops.

My 10C wasn't exposed to cold. The batteries were out only for the few seconds it took to exchange them. Still a mystery...

I tend to agree with what Michael say above. Maybe something was holding capacity and leaving out for while released that.

Or as we would say in Hungary, nyaláb baszik, or a cluster in english. Good thing is 10c working now.