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Full Version: HP32SII Keyboard fix
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For those who know, the keys on the right side of the HP32SII tend to get extremely unresponsive after many years.
Many year ago, I did a lot of hop-up mods to my HP41 calculators, permanent extra memory and doubled the processor speed. I've seen the disassembly instructions for the 32 and I don't care to get into all of that. The HP32SII would never be the same after so much maintenance.
I read somewhere that if you press on the metal display frame just below the display, the right side keys will work with normal finger pressure.
My quick and dirty repair implementation of that fix is you take two no.64 rubber bands and double wrap them around the lower section of the display frame. Then stick two of the batteries that the 32 uses under the rubber bands side by side on the front of the calculator on the metal display frame between the top row of keys and the display.
Its not pretty, but now the keys on the right side of the calculator work with normal pressure as the other keys have always done.

If you're willing to remove the calculator back, a much more elegant and permanent fix would be to tighten the lower three metal tabs that hold the LCD to the circuit board. Besides holding the LCD in place, the metal frame serves to compress the conductive rubber strip ("zebra strips") between the electrically conductive regions of LCD glass to the printed circuit board pads. GENTLY twist the tabs by 20 degrees or so (counterclockwise, with the back of the calculator facing you) to increase the compressive force and that should resolve the problem - hopefully! If the key pad contacts are dirty or damaged, this procedure will not help...

> "... tighten the lower three metal tabs that hold the LCD to the circuit board."

I'm very interested in this, because mine has the same problem with the keyboard.

How can I find "the lower three metal tabs"? Do you mean that the calculator should be disassembled to access the metal tabs ?

Thank you very much in advance, Sincerely