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Full Version: Dual HP-IL adapter for HP-71B
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I just came accross this Dual HP-IL adapter HP82402A for HP-71B. Does anyone know what it is and what its purpose is ?

It allows two HPIL modules to be controlled by a single HP71.

As an example of its use, one could connect an RS-232 adapter to one of the HPIL modules, and some other device to the other. Then the output of a debugger (say) could be sent to a monitor connected to the RS-232, while the other device performance could be tested with the debugger, completely independent of the IL loop sending debugger output to the monitor.

Since you can put dozens, even hundreds, of things on one IL at the same time, the reason I was given for the dual IL module is that you could have the 71 be the controller on one loop and a device on the other at the same time. I think the maximum I've had on the IL at once was six or seven devices.

Edited: 26 July 2007, 3:41 a.m.