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Full Version: hp 35s price hike at Wal-M?
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Somehow, I seem to recall the online price at WalMart last week was $49 and some change...

Now it's up to 59:


I'm bummed that I still can't get an in-person look at either Fry's, Circuit City, or WalMart.

Oh well...guess I'll have to resort to the online thing.


Well now, that's a bummer. I wonder what could be behind such a move by the world's leading exponent of "price rollbacks?" Perhaps they are finally getting pinched with supply problems?


Is it really worth your time and effort to drive to Fry's just to save a couple of dollars?

I got mine at buy.com, $52 with free shipping if I didn't mind the standard delivery (I didn't).

I'm certainly not trotting to Fry's to save money on shipping, if that's what you were implying.

Its just been a long time since one could find a truly solid RPN calculator on the shelves. That implying a conservative-ish layout, solid color scheme, beckoning memory (mostly), native vector support, and a proud and functional ENTER key.


.. and a proud and functional ENTER key.

Yes, indeed! In fact, although it might be stretching delicacy to the breaking point, it could be said that some other modern RPN calculators are now suffering from "finis envy."



Oooh, really wide spread interests here in this honourable forum ;-)

You made me laugh loudly!