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Full Version: PC Library Editor for HP 48/49/50
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Is there a PC based library editor for libraries for the above calculators?

Hi, Howard,

There are some 48/49/50 experts here, but this forum is mostly about older HP calculators. The best place to post questions like that is the comp.sys.hp48 news group. If you don't use a usenet news reader, you can follow the group through Google Groups.


I should note that the 35S is not an "older HP calculator," obviously. The excitement on this board is because it's brand new, and because HP returned to some of the things folks around here cherished in the older models.


What do you mean by library editor? Do you mean a program that will (attempt) to automatically convert libraries from the 48 to the 49/50? Do you mean a tool to program and create libraries?

Both of those are available.


Well what I was wondering if its possible to disassemble libraries for any of these calculators, edit them and then re-compile them... if thats the right term.