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Full Version: Not celebrating 35 years
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BTW, my newly arrived calc, S/N 7210416, does not have the "Celebrating 35 years" imprinted on it. I'm guessing that was a special run for the attendees of the video presentation. Just makes them all that more valuable (in 20 years!). :-)



is the zipper shell case included?


Yes, that is included. Nice case too -- better than the pictures depict.


Bruce, can you tell if your lcd is likewise misaligned as seen on that picture?

A second question, how would you rate the haptics of the keys? Soft, hard?

Thank you,


The keys are really nice. Like the "old days". Tall, crisp and have a good feel. Not the best keyboard they've made, but certainly one of the best. It just looks good, with a nice, distinct appearance. Though the keys are close together, the height helps with the separation, and the labels are clear.

Really, it's a beautiful calc. I'm quite impressed so far. If I had anything to complain about, it would be the speed. I wasn't expecting it to be the fastest calc out there, but it turns out to be (in reality) one of the slowest calcs out there. :-( Don Shepard, who posts here, also did some timing runs compared to the 17bxx family and it's even slow compared with those.

BTW, I'm not sure which picture you meant when you mentioned the askew LCD. I don't see any so far. My unit is right on level and perfectly aligned. I also don't have the problem that another poster mentioned about the display bleeding black for a few seconds when pressed.


Edited: 21 July 2007, 7:05 p.m.