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Full Version: HP-48SX
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Does anyone know where I could get my 48Sx fixed in Indiana?
A few buttons you have to push hard to get them to work and that does not work all the time.


It´s been stated here that HP will replace out-of-production calcs for new, under production ones. The closest to yours is the HP48G+. I believe that even in Indiana, the HP office will take it and, later, you will receive a new one.

Otherwise, your SX can be fixed by unauthorized (trusteable, if well indicated) personal that will open a few holes in the calculator, open the case and clean the key contacts. HP won´t do that.


if you go the hp & replacment route, first make sure that all your software will run on the new platform. i know someone who did that and now he has a shiny new in the box g-something and had to get an sx on ebay for his card.