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Full Version: HP-41 Full-nut, Half-nut
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Hello at all,
I just but an old HP-41CV at ebay plus a Cardreader, an X-Funtions- and a Time-Modul.
This machine was an old dream of my study times in the 80's and I am now very happy with it.

I have often read about half-nut and full-nut etc. but never senn a picture about this. I also have checked this forum, where I openede an account today.
Does everyone has pictures about these different display types which he can send me by mail or an web-link?

Thanks a lot

Edgar Meyer-Schönfelder

Hi Edgar,

Take a look here -- what you're looking for is under the heading "HP-41C Versions", about halfway down the page.

- Thomas

Edited: 19 July 2007, 10:20 a.m.

Thank you very much. Now it is clear for me. Now I know, that my HP41 is a full-nut.

Greeting from Hamburg,