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Full Version: The Menus Of HP35S
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To those of us who have the privilege of owning and playing around with an HP35S already:

  • What are the menus of this new calc?
  • What is the menu structure?
  • Which commands are in which menu?
Thanks for any info in advance (just can't wait).

Here's what I can give you for now.

L.R. - Linear regression and estimation. 
x-bar, y-bar - Arithmetic mean of statistical x– and y–values;
weighted mean of statistical x–values.
s,sigma - Sample and population standard deviation.
CONST - Menu of 41 physics constants.
SUMS - Statistical data summations.
BASE - Base conversions (Base 2, 8, 10 and 16).
INTG - Sign value, integer division, remainder, greatest
integer, fractional part, integer part.
LOGIC - Logical operators for base-n numbers.
FLAGS - Functions to set, clear, and test flags.
x?y - Comparison tests of the X–and Y–registers.
x?0 - Comparison tests of the X–register and 0.
MEM - Memory status (bytes of memory available); catalog
of variables; catalog of program labels.
MODE - Angular modes and operation mode
DISPLAY - Fixed, scientific, engineering, full floating point
display; radix symbol options; complex number display.
Roll Down - Allows review of the 4-level stack in ALG mode or in an EQN
CLEAR- Functions to clear different portions of memory

Gene, is there a Clear Stack (CLSTK) command?

Yes, there is a clear stack, blue shift CLEAR 5.

The other clear commands are:

1 - CLx

2 - VARS (clears all lettered variables)

3 - ALL (prompts for a Y / N response)

4 - Sigma (stat variables)

5 - Stack

6 - CLVARx (prompts for a 3 digit number. Clears all indirect variable locations *greater* than the supplied prompt).

CLVARx. Interesting. I presume that's programmable too, eh? This would indicate to me that we would want to start putting near-temporary variables at the high end of the spectrum, and more permanent variables near the lower end of the bank. That way one could clear out the near-temporary variables in one sweep.

Can one store directly into some of the statistics variables?


Stat variables are indirect only, using -27 through -32 as the index.

Yes, CLVARx is programmable.