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Full Version: Samson Cables now Taking Orders for 35S
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Their price is 5 bucks off MSRP. And, for my fellow Canadians, they do ship to Canada, though the postage is pricey. Ship to Europe too!

Carl just wrote me to answer a shipping question and let me know they will start shipping on Tuesday.


Edited: 15 July 2007, 12:02 a.m.

It's perhaps interesting that it shows "Retail Price: $44.99", and "Our Price: $54.99".


What's even more interesting is that when you place an order, as I just did, the price that comes up at checkout is $52.99!!!!

I am assuming the webmaster made a typo some place. But I will gladly take it for the 53.


Hy Les!

Thank you for your information!

They will ship to germany. Halleluja. I ordered imideatly.



Thanks, Les! I just ordered mine. At the present exchange rate of Euros to US$, this will be a very reasonable price even including pricey shipping & handling. May it be with or without the webmaster's error of 2 US$, it will be FAR MORE REASONABLE than any retail prices I expect in Germany.

Thanks again for the information, Les.

Best regards,


Edited P.S.: Just received the order confirmation based on 52.99 US$ :-) So, I'm expecting to pay 72.99^2/100 = 53 Euros :-) :-)

Edited: 15 July 2007, 1:25 a.m.

Hallo Walter!

I am very impressed by your Patience!

How you can wait for weeks? ;-)

You have to be an real "Schwabe" ;-)

Greetings Jürgen

Hallo Jürgen,

I did wait as long as you did! So, do you live in the same part of Germany? Though I'm looking carefully at prices, I was not born in "Schwabistan".

Viele Grüße, Walter

Hi Walter!

I was born in the middle of Germany (Kohlenpott), but now i am married to a wife here, near Stuttgart and i dont want my wife to see my next MC invoice ;-)


The pricing is now corrected. $59.99 as the MSRP, $52.99 as the Samson price.


Thanks a lot, just ordered mine :-).


... but now i am married to a wife here, near Stuttgart ...

Sounds familiar to me :-) We all should have ordered our hp-35s by collective order and saved a lot of money... Now I'll have to wait till they start appearing on eBay as I did with the 33s.

Greetings, Max

Thanks for the info, Les.

I had checked yesterday but it wasn't there. I've just ordered mine. Now let's see who's going to get it first :-) (I chose USPS Express Mail, not a smart option as I'll be away on vacations for one week...)



Guten Tag, Walter!

Congratulations on your purchase! Please let us know when it arrives in Germany -- I'm glad that our European friends will be able to get the 35s for a reasonable price instead of paying an outrageous markup. Especially now, with the Dollar so weak against the Euro, the European MSRP on HP calculators seems to be ridiculously high!


Now I'll have to wait till they start appearing on eBay as I did with the 33s.

Already there.

keep in mind that hpcalculators.com is the eBay side of Samson Cables. I think it is cheaper to buy direct.

Including shipping & taxes, the 35s will be about 70EUR. Thats what the 33s is about when bought over here.

Hallo Thomas, I pay considerably less. Please see my post above.

Viele Grüße,


I got the same confirmation, Walter. Unfortunately, things have to go through cutoms. At least, that happend last time I ordered from a 3rd (not EU) Country. Dunno how much toll, but the 19% VAT have to be paid and there is no tax included on Samson Cables invoice. Am I wrong somewhere?

Viele Grüße,


Edited: 16 July 2007, 8:26 a.m.

Let's wait and see.

We got the early bird special!

Price now showing as $59.99 :)



A manifestation of the Offer and Demand Law or was the previous price tag just another typo?

I don't know how things are in Germany, but in Belgium the situation is as follows:

- purchases over 22 EUR's worth are subject to VAT and import
tax. Moreover, the postal service will charge you an extra
10 EURs because they have to present it to customs (... I'm
pretty sure no other national postal 'service' charges a similar fee)
- *gifts* sent to you by *friends* are subject to the same regulation .. for items over 45 EUR.
Hello, friends!!

CHeers, Werner