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Full Version: Lunar Lander and the HP 19BII
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Can anyone suggest a way to get Lunar Lander to run on the HP 19BII ?

I have a hp-67 and own the lunar lander program, however I am a novice compared to others here. I can e-mail you the code and, with a little work, it should easily port to any RPN calculator. Provided it has the indirect adressing feature.

I'd be damn astonished if a program such a lunar lander orked on a 19BII !

the loop function does not exist, as far as I know, on this calc. All you can do is to store a very powerful formula (or function) in the solver, but from there to let it loop by itself like on the 67, 41, 11C, etc... application, I really do not see how !

Ranging from the 9100 to the 41C. The HP25 version is probably the simplest and most portable but I don't know how to port it to a 19BII.

The Sigma function can be "abused" as a loop counter. L (let) and G (get) functions could be used to assign and read "invisible" variables.

I imagine the user could enter a value for fuel and then solve. The solver would calculate the next height, velocity etc. and stop. The user could then solve again until such time as they hit the surface. Not sure I'd want to try such a complex program contained in one line of formula, but I can't see a reason why it couldn't be done. Quite a challenge!

Well, I'll have a look at the manual and keep you informed...