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Full Version: Hp35s photos (from Japan)
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Hi, I found several very nice photos of the new HP35s in a Japanese web site.




I'm thinking to obtain one, since my old HP42s is getting worn out a bit...

"My God" is right. Those keys! They're positively HP-41-esque.

I still really don't understand "cm" vs. "KM", but I can live with a typo like that if the keys feel as good as they look.

HP, thank you for listening!

And more pictures of the new HP 17bII+, as well:


Yuck. Those cursor keys are even uglier when seen from the side than from above. What a shame that such an otherwise attractive device should be spoiled in such a way.

3 observations:

  • In Japan, the 35s seems to cost just 10% more than the 33s
  • The LCD of the 35s shown looks slightly misaligned
  • Together with the 17bii+, there is a set of wonderful keys and housings opening further perspectives


I still really don't understand "cm" vs. "KM"...

My guess is that they spelt "KM" and "MILE" in capitals to better distinguish "physically large" units from small ones like "in" and "cm". Ergonomics at work, so to say.

Greetings, Max


So, after mm and cm, we shall write KM and LIGHT YEARS? Well, if this is the only way to convince USA to use SI units, one shall think about it ;-)

P.S.: I know the light year isn't SI, but it was the biggest unit at hand :-)

"My God" is right. Those keys! They're positively HP-41-esque.

I rather see HP12C Platinum-like keys: Chinese manufacturing...

Although my 12CP is certainly 10 times faster than my good'ol 12C, there's no chance I drop the 12C in favor of the other one. Reason: the keys.

I'm afraid the 35s goes the same way.