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Full Version: Upcoming 35s question #1
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In the spirit of guessing, which prominent, classical keyboard feature(s) does the HP 35s appear to bring back?

A) Lowered ON key

B) Raised keyboard frame


D) Three of the above

E) Two of the above

F) One of the above

Since the classics had no on key but a switch, I figure the answer must be E)


Well, feature 'A' is present on my 33s, 50g, and other recent machines, so that's out.

Features 'B' and 'C' are returning.

Thus, I say the answer is 'E'


I can't tell from the pictures whether or not the ON key is lowered with respect to the others. But I'm sure that the calculator includes a large ENTER key and a raised edge around the keyboard. The first is obvious from the photos, and the second is mentioned in the sales flyer.

So that would be two, or three of the above. 8)


If anyone has an active link to the picture of Cyrille deBrebisson's baby "using" an HP-35s, s/he may put to rest the 'Lowered ON key' question.

Assuming Gene is participating in a "Hype the 35s ahead of its imminent release" campaign (not that there's anything wrong with that, if he is), I suspect the answer is "D". (Why call attention to any negative aspects of the new calc, however insignificant?)

If you interpret Gene's post strictly, a 'returning' feature would be one that has been absent in say the last three generations (or series) of HP calculators. (ie. the blue 49g, gold49g+, black 50g, 33s, 30s, etc.)

Even the 32sii, and 42s are "recent" in the eyes of some of our members...and both these machines had raised keyboard rims, large keys, and lowered ON keys.

Assuming you draw the datum plane at these machines, later machines have all been absent of the large ENTER key, and raised keyboard rim.

I rest on my first claim: only the raised rim and large ENTER key.