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Full Version: Battery Doors for Classic Series
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I'm new here, and I have checked the forum archives, but haven't yet been able to find an answer. I would like to know if the battery doors/covers for all of the Classic series units (HP35, HP45, HP65, HP55, and HP67 (not sure the HP67 is Classic series)) are all the same, or if the doors are specific to each model.



I have one HP-35, one HP-45 and one HP-67. The battery covers in the first two are exactly the same. I would guess they would fit in the HP-55 too. The HP-67, which does not belong in the Classic Series, appears to share the HP-65 battery cover.



Kalispera sou, Kostas,

there are 2 types of battery doors: 1 for 35, 45 (55, 70, 80?) - another one for 65 and 67.

(Just found Gerson did type faster than me. Parabems, Gerson!)

I concur mostly. The door for the 35, 45, 80 are the same. The door for the 55 is the same except an olive drab color. The 70 is the same except an almond color. And the 65 and 67 are the same.

-- Dan

Gerson, Walter, and Dan:

Thanks for clearing that up, doesn't really seem to be readily available anywhere I have been able to look. I remember a friend having an HP67, and another friend with an HP55, but didn't notice a difference in the battery door latches (horizontal on the classics, vertical on the HP65/67). Although I always wanted a HP, I ended up with a TI-58, but later moved onto a HP-15. I just recently started getting back into the older (i.e. non graphing) HP calculators, and have a particular affection for the classic models.