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Full Version: Manual for HP-41 FORECAST I
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Anybody has a manual for the module?

The programs are private, so reverse engineering what each does could prove to be a daunting task (or is there a way to unlock a private module?).

A funny thing about the module is that it is devided in two parts - one is the market forecaster (Cat 1 *FORECAST), the other is an astronomy part (*ASTRO)...

With the disassembler in the latest version of the MLDL2000 Manager (also works without an MLDL2000 connected) you will be able to list the user code. Of course you need to have the .ROM file of the module ....


... and I'm eagerly awaiting a MLDL2000 - when can I buy one?

Just a bit more patience. I am finishing a new release of the M2kM software, and after that I have my hands free (as far as my spare time allows) to work on the proto of the new MLDL2000. When that is running I will finish the design and start production. If you plan to give yourself a Christmas gift this year .....


I plan to give myself an MLDL2000 as the Christmas gift this year.


Are the programs normal usercode with the privat flag set?. In that case removing the flag with some synthetics trics is easy to do.
If it is however M-code than this is not applicable and you need to use the disassembler from the various projects like MLDL2000 etc.


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Hi Meindert, I too have registered with you sometime ago and also wish to give myself this as a Christmas present. Prabhu

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Seriously; Nobody has the manual for the FORECAST module? It doesn't exist in this community?

I have about 40 modules where nobody in the community has a manual.. very depressive...