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Full Version: Where to get crystal for an HP-45?
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Has anyone done the crystal mod on an HP-45? I got one today (1973 model) which has the timer, and might as well put in a crystal. The doc on the site says you need a 784 KHz crystal. Is this correct? It is not a standard value and is not in the Digikey or Mouser catalog that I can find.


have you tried searching http://www.findchips.com/ ? I looked a few minutes, you are right a hard XTAL to find.

It's possible that Colorado Crystal (http://www.coloradocrystal.com/) will have some old crystals on the shelf. The place is just down the street from the HP Loveland site (which may no longer have HP as a resident) and engineers there may have had some crystals made for their HP 45s many moons ago. Good Luck!