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Full Version: Balky 34c On/Off switch
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I am a "first-time poster" but long-time hp calculator user and fan. I recently came across my old hp-34c and decided to try and revive it just for fun. I charged the batteries overnight and what do you know it works just fine! (I guess we're not too surprised by that, eh?) However, the ON/OFF switch has got problems. I have to play with it and slide it back and forth ever so slightly to find the one position where the calculator will function properly.

So my question is this: should I just be happy that it works and leave it well enough alone? Or, should I try to give the switch some attention? I have read through previous posts and found that a dielectric grease should be used to lubricate the contacts - but, I am very hesitant to take it all apart. In my experience corroded contacts in switches, sliders, pots, etc. will sometimes improve simply by getting some use.

The switches do often get balky over time. In early versions of this calc the chips are held with pressure to the circuit board. This makes reassembly difficult. you can tell which verison you have by the weight and reference to postings on this forum.

Thanks for the info. I believe I will leave well enough alone until (and unless) it gets worse.