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Full Version: 50g - lower serial port bit rates
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For anyone who'd like to use a 50g with a serial port bit rate lower than 2400bps, see this comp.sys.hp48 thread.


Do you know if there are any low cost cables?

The last time that I checked, the site that originally marketed a serial cable/level shifter for the 50g had raised its original price for it considerably.

A few weeks ago, Eric Rechlin started this comp.sys.hp48 thread, so there seems to be some reason to hope for a reasonably-priced alternative becoming available.

Other than that, as far as I know, it would be a do-it-yourself project.


Edited: 19 June 2007, 4:05 a.m.

I'm still working on it, but things are going slower than expected. I expect the first boards should arrive from the manufacturer within a week so I can assemble the first prototypes.

If anyone else is still interested in testing, please contact me, and I will keep you informed directly with more information when I am ready.