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Full Version: HP 48 GX
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I need help in cleaning the key pad, does anyone know how to take the calculator apart? Do I need specific tools? where can I get the tools? Emily

Odds are 100 to 1 you'll do more damage than you are trying to fix, and in the process ruin and scar an otherwise dirty (but functional) calculator. I've opened several, and the kindest method is still very destructive.

Two years ago, I opened a definetly broken 48 GX just to see how it looks inside. The calculator can indeed not be opened without damage. On hpcalc.org there are several instructions with photos available, but I would definetly not do that to a working calculator with minor flaws.

Just what symptoms is your keypad displaying? ...sticky keys, null keys, wobbly keys, etc?

It might help folks here to come up with a faster, less damaging way of correcting your problem.

Yes, you can take it apart; but for a sticky keypad, a good cleaning in distilled water is probably what it really needs.

With batteries removed, submerge it in DISTILLED water, in a GLASS dish. Push each key several times. Let it soak a while, then take it out. With the calc face down, press all the keys several times to get rid of the now dirty water. Repeat the whole process with a new bowl of distilled water. Then, let it dry THOROUGHLY before installing batteries. I let mine dry about three days in a warm dry place. Over my heater vent in winter was a good place.

I've done this, as have several other people here. If this doesn't work, then you can take it apart. After you get it apart, it seems like the keypad is heatstaked to the frame; I can't remember, but someone else here will.

I an HP 48 SX I am looking to find a user manual for it wher i can find one or what web site i can download it from.
Please send advise and web pages.




Please have a look on this very same site:

Museum CD/DVD Set

I strongly suggest you get a CD/DVD set following this link:


Those discs are full of great stuff (including your manuals, of course ;-)

Hope this helps.

Best regards.


Edited: 15 June 2007, 12:11 p.m.