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Full Version: Re: 42s Screen problem
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Hi, some of you may remeber I posted this thread regarding a full black patch forming on my 42s screen. At that time, I thought the machine was dead as I put in CHEAP CHINA MADE battries and there was nothing. So, I concluded that the screen was having some problems and was casuing the calculator not to display anything.

Thinking the 42s was dead, I happily open up my 42s(yes, I used a screwdriver to pry it open :( ) just to play with it and later found that the case couldn't be shut anymore.

Today, of of curiosity, I went to buy some JAPAN MADE PANASONIC battries (not cheap), put it in the calulator, and guess what, it came to life, even though there's a black patch on the screen, the screen still works as per normal. Though it's harder to read the display now because of the black patch.

So now, I'm using rubberbands to shut the calulator case and the sides of the case are marred:

Lesson learnt: never buy cheap battries.

Just asking: Anyone have any ideas to shut the case?(besides using rubberbands)