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Full Version: HP 33s "best seller scientific programmable calculator"
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...According to the NPD Group. Is this the reason why this new attention from HP to the calculator market? I think the 35s will be the new best seller. At least, I will buy three, one for me and the others for my daughters ;-)


I wonder if the reason for that is because it is the ONLY current programmable scientific. Are there any others?


Casio fx-5800p. Decent calc, except:
- complex math is incomplete. No complex matrices, no roots of complex numbers, for instance.
- the serial port can be used to transfer programs only. This makes it less suitable for surveyors etc., who wish to transfer data to a pc.

According to Casio, the "selling area" of the FX-5800P is "Europe , International (Asia , Oceania , Central & South America , Mid-East & Africa)". It is apparently not distributed in North America. In the US market, the 33S is probably the only player in the "scientific programmable" niche.

In the US, the term "programmable calculator" is now virtually synoymous with "graphing calculator". The major niche for the 33S, as a "scientific programmable", is on professional licensing exams where "graphing calculators" are prohibited.

Edited: 30 May 2007, 12:17 p.m.