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Full Version: HP-42s Display repair?
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I recently picked this unit up on an impulse (ebay) thinking that I could clean up the display, but I should of checked here a little more carefully and paid more attention to the repair link stating the concerns in regards to opening these units.

Anyway, I'm wondering if all hope is lost or has anybody been successful in accessing the display on these units. From what I can make out is that the specks appear above the LCD, giving the impression that they can be removed.


Photo 1

Photo 2

This black spots are impossible to remove, they are some type of leak or contamination inside the LCD's glass. The only source for that display is another HP-42S, a HP-17B or BII or 27S of the same year (same type of display bezel). I fixed mine with a 17B's, but the fix isn't trivial.

Good luck!


Hi I also had a problem with my HP Screen, But I was lucky, an expert from a tech support site help me fix it. I didn't have the same problem as yours but maybe you can find some answers there.

Here is the page for HP support

Good luck