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Full Version: HP 12C in Technology Review
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Hello, All,

I just noticed that Technology Review magazine, published by MIT, has a full-page picture of the HP 12C in its May/June 2007 issue. The main topic of the the issue is well-designed techniology, and the 12C is featured, along with about 10 other designs, in a photo essay.

It would be nice to have seen the 15C there, but in terms of number sold and market longevity, I guess the 12C wins. I imagine others would prefer to see the HP 41CX mentioned.


Do you have the link? Thanks.


Actually, I found the photo in the paper copy of the magazine in our university library. The link below takes you to the Technology Review log-on page, where you can register if you'd like, and then see the May issue, and presumably the photo. As a general rule, I myself don't register for things like this unless I have ongoing business with the site.


Hope this helps.



just to mention that the HP12C in the picture has

in the display. Intriguing... the only financial model in the Voyager series, and it shows PI in the LCD. OK, the number in the display may refer to anything BUT trigonometrics and it could be just a coincidence... d8^)


Luiz (Brazil)

Thanks, Larry. Good article! I know what you mean about registration. I always use 10-Minute Mail for registrations. The address self-destructs in 10 minutes!


Luiz, you are Inspector Clouseau!



I checked out that 10-minute email site: interesting. I'll keep it in mind.