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Full Version: Emmanuel Compes
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I am trying to get in touch with Emmanuel Compes. Can anyone give me an email address?

Not a guru and don't know Emmanuel, but I bought some EPROMS from him a long time ago so I know he has a 41 page. And, a quick google has it as the third hit...
Emmanuel's page



I know Emmanuel as he was on one of my meetings. I also bought some EPROMS from him I paid 1 year ago!!!! I´m still waiting for the EPROMS... when you got in touch with him please let me know.
I´m not quiet shure, but it´s his son who manages his ebay account since about 2,5 years as he does not has the time to do this.


Thank you for the response. I have sent him an e-mail.

I am looking to find any information regarding a ROM Image that I have. It is ASDT UTIL and has the following commands; ROMIN, ROMOUT, KBDOUT, KBDOUT2, CON.
Metthias, Do you happen to know what this might be or have any documentation for it?
Also, does anyone have an english version of the ROMBOX 32 Documentation?


I have his homeadress I could mail to you (or post here) if that helpes.


You will find infos for this commands (ROMIN, ROMOUT etc) in the SDK41R6 from Warren Furlow. They send and receive ROM's between a PC an the HP41 over HPIL or HPIL-RS232.