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Full Version: Coburlin shocker!!!
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I cannot believe Coburlin is willing to pay well over $100- for a 42s manual and a 48 case!! As best as I can tell, no actual calculator is included.

HP-42S manual and 48 case

While I am pointing out the ad, I have to say it is a little confusing when it says:

Considered by many as the best calculator ever made by HP, this is the Classic 42S Engineering and Scientific calculator from Hewlett Packard.

And also calls the non-leatherette 48 case leatherette (and seems to hint that it is for the 42s at that!)

I wonder if Coburlin wins, will Coburlin actually pay that much for the lot?

Edited: 12 May 2007, 2:30 p.m.

My guess is that he will pay, get the case and manual, then go ape.

I'd also guess that what he did was to put in snipe bid thinking it was both calculators when he first saw the listing. Then he never went back to look at it again.

Geez, maybe someone should tell him with an "Ask Seller A Question" on one of his listings with less than 12 hours to go in the 42s manual auction (which happens to be when Coburlin cannot do a bid retraction!)

The thought of Coburlin going ape over the last 11 hours of an auction might be seen by some as amusing!

Edited: 12 May 2007, 2:39 p.m.

What you are so eloquently describing is poetic justice at its finest!!!

I guess Cobubba can realize his karma is cathcing up with him. May be he will do a spin off TV show .. My Name is Cobubba!! I will be watching every eposide to see the list of people he ripped off as he makes up for it. I think NBC needs a hilarious show like that ... as least folks on this website will get it!!!


Cobubba Hotep might be appropriate...

Auction Vampire Spotted!!

(And He's Not That Smart After All)

San Jose CA, May 11, 2007: Something creepy is stalking eBay HP calculator enthusiasts. The enigmatic presence, known as "Coburlinfaratu," or just "Coburlin" for short, has never been caught in public. But his trail is littered with the corpses of his victims, many of whom don't know they are dead to this day! All that changed today when the reprehensible rounder with rodential dentition was spotted paying too much for a modicum of mathematical memorabilia, a cache of calculator curios, a tiny token of tasty technology. "What a doofball!" chortled leading eBay calculator financier Mad Dog ebaycalcnut. "He probably thought he was getting two real calculators. Instead, he bought a couple of manuals for $100.00! Yippee!" "His reign of terror is close to an end," agreed Namir, another august TAS auctioneer. "He sank his fangs into something a little too firm for him to handle, that time. He may think twice before jumping on the next unsuspecting virgin eBay seller with more valuable old calculator stuff than sense!" In spite of suspicious sanguinity on the part of HP handheld helpmeets, it is this reporter's fear that we haven't seen the back of the crack calculator killer quite. Stay tuned to WWN in case the invisible vampire strikes again!

Apologies to everyone involved,


Edited: 12 May 2007, 7:53 p.m.


Only 10 hours till Coburlin is in no bid retraction territory. The suspense is killing me!!

Speaking of that ... might Cobubba be in a health crisis state?


Looks like idiot-fest!!!



So, who are the idiots?

Coburlin, whose automatic bidding software almost committed him to buy something that was, to be fair, listed in the wrong category (and, because of this, he probably could have gotten out of it with Ebay, had he won)...

or those who took joy in the anticipation of him having to pay big bucks for something that was to most people (but not all, obviously) overpriced?

I'm beginning to agree with Valentin. Why does anyone even care about this guy?

Wow! :-)

Because is soooo funny!!!!!!

Yes we do laugh at funny and ironic situations.

I don't care that it's coburlin bidding. I'm just amazed that there are THREE people bidding on this item, at such high prices. The description seems pretty straight forward to me. I keep wondering if I'm missing something.

By the way, recent bidding has it up to $125 now!

Amazing. Wonder what his expression will look like when he first notices the mistake.

And, will it be before he pays or when he opens the package?

Isn't this a very human reaction when you see somebody you dislike stumbling in a situation he will dislike? We call this Schadenfreude :-)

Take a close look at the article on the vampire of eBay. Vampires don't exist, do they? But people love to imagine they do.

Coburlin annoys me, but I don't imagine that he's truly a monster. He's just a small time retailer who has found a scheme (he would probably say "a business method") to make money off certain goods on eBay I doubt he cares very much about the articles themselves. (He does the same sort of thing with old Microsoft software and with HP PCs.) That us what annoys me, and outrages others around here. These "articles" are objects of veneration to many of us. This guy is treating them like crass material goods. Oh, wait, I guess that's right, in a sense. Well, he's certainly driving up the price on those crass material goods by picking up many of the remaining bargains on eBay before any of us.. wait.. that can't be it, can it? 8)


The expression I use with scientific types who take advantage of and\or otherwise cheat the system is:


Some geeks might misinterpret that phrase. (Warning: heavy graphics at that link. Not recommended for low bandwidth viewing)


Now we just have to wait for the relisting. If it's $500 he paid. If it's $5 he didn't.

I'm embarrassed. You don't have to be THAT old to be a Bruce Campbell fan! After all, I bought an HP-45 when they were the hottest calcs on the planet.

And I sold it a few months later to get a 65...