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Full Version: Hewlett Packard 46 Electronic Calculator-Price Question
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Hello to everyone,

My research institute is sorting out old equipment.
They are throwing away a Hewlett Packard 46 Electronic Calculator complete with the suitcase, the calculator cover, the instructions manual and the electricity cable. The calculator works and prints fine.

Would it be possible to give me an idea if there would be people interested to purchase the particular calculator and what the price range might be? I found nothing on ebay.
I would appreciate your help since I have hardly any idea on the subject.
Thanks a lot for the help in advance,


There HAVE been some of these on eBay. Rare, but they are there. They don't go for much (under $200, if I remember), but should at least be of interest to the calculator collectors here and there. I do track this particular model on eBay when it appears. If you're looking to get a mint for one, I don't think it will happen. If you want to get a few bucks AND not throw out a good calc, sell it. ;-)



You may want to have a look at this:


Hope this helps.

Best regards.


Thank you very much for your replies...

I will try to sell this calculator since on the " Collector's Corner" it says that its "Very Difficult" to get so some collectors might be interested.

Should I try ebay? Do you know any other more specialised markets?

Thank you very much for the help again..

it would have been a pity to throw this calculator in the garbage..


It's a shame, stuff like this gets thrown out every day by people who don't know any better, and don't want to do the research.

"don't be so sentimental. Things explode every day." -- Monty Python