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Full Version: How to use linear regression using 19bii?
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I'd like to know the steps using any simple example you can show me. I do not have the manual and cannot find a pdf english version anywhere.

Hi Jim,
The PDF english version manual (as well as TONS of other great material) is on the museum's DVD, available for purchase from this web-site.

It's a good investment...well worth the money.

Best regards, Hal

Jim, can you use the 17bii+ manual? If so, it along with several 17bii+ training modules are available in pdf format at hp.com.



I downloaded a 19BII manual just the other day from the HP 19BII support site. However, It isn't there at the moment. The link that was on the referenced page is missing, and a search for "HP 19BII Business Calculator" and "Manual" returns a download page but with no link, just a "N/A".

The museum DVD/CD set is a good value, and I would encourage you to purchase it. But if you need to get a quick peek at this large (17.1 MB) PDF, I can make it available to you. Send me mail through the link to my name above. Also, the link above leads to quite a few resources for the 19BII.