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Full Version: Simple HP49G+ question !
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Where is the built-in equations for HP49G+ , for example in HP48GX ?

I don't think they are there. I think there have been special ROM updates, not by HP, that incorporate them. Someone else around here will surely know more.


Edited: 5 May 2007, 12:12 p.m.


One of the otions is this one, but you can also install the libraries that come with the new ROM update. From hpcalc.org:

Flash update file to update the HP 49G+'s ROM to version C-2.00, build 50. This is the official 2.00 release. Adds the equation library, much better support for the full 80-line screen, support for FAT32-formatted SD cards, a completely rewritten keyboard handler to reduce the number of missed keystrokes, and many bugfixes. This is the official HP installer that only runs on 32-bit Windows.

The flash ROM can be downloaded from here.

Hope this helps.


Luzi (Brazil)

Revision 2.00 is a bit out of date. Please see my post responding to Ron's questions.

Regarding the libraries, if you use the USB connection to download them to the calculator, then I suggest that you use the filer to move them to port 2 (or port 1); don't leave the originals in the home directory. If you use a flash memory card instead, then you can either copy or move them from the card ("port 3") to another port; it won't hurt to leave the originals on the card.